Young's Seafood - Case study: Fewer transport miles

After signing FDF's transport commitment in July 2008, Young's has been working hard with its haulier to prepare for the inclusion of the Greener Food Transport Clause in contracts due for renewal in May 2010.

Taking FDF's 10-point checklist, the company has been working with its Findus Group colleagues in Sweden to create a detailed audit for its haulier to work with as an interim control.

This 'Greener Transport Audit' has helped the haulier start to focus on all of the wider issues of responsible transport, including fuel efficiency, vehicle specification, delivery scheduling, road safety and driver training. Tackling all these issues will help build the platform to achieve 'fewer and friendlier' food transport miles.

Young's haulier has already achieved a 7.2% improvement in fuel efficiency from 2008 to 2009. When coupled with improvements in vehicle fill and Youngs' ongoing review of pallet density, this work has led to a 21.5% reduction in the amount of CO2 produced per transport kilometre.

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Last reviewed: 30 Nov 2011