A Future in Food

A Future in Food programme helps teachers, pupils and parents better understand the food and drink manufacturing sector in Scotland, highlights the wide variety of careers on offer and explores the routes to access them.

Reformulation for health

Reformulation for Health: Guidance for SMEs

Reformulation for Health

SFDF's new guidance captures the success stories from our Reformulation Programme which show the recipe changes that companies can make without affecting the quality and keeping their customers happy.

It also sets out a five-step guide for companies to use at the start of their reformulation journey.

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In other news....

FDF launches event to help Food and Drink Businesses Grow


  • delivering healthy growth Delivering Healthy Growth

    Putting health at the heart of growth.

  • Food and Drink Skills Ambassadors

    The Scottish Food and Drink Federation has created a Food and Drink Skills Ambassadors Network to harness the skills, knowledge and expertise of people working within the food and drink industry.

  • exports UK food and drink exports

    The export of food and non-alcoholic drink in the first half of 2012 grew by 2.2% to £5.9bn.

  • Productivity

    Government research shows that productivity in the UK's food and drink manufacturing sector is better than other parts of the food industry and the economy as a whole.