Bringing Scotland's schools and food and drink
manufacturers together.

What is A Future in Food?

Chryston High School Pupils learning about Microbiology

A Future in Food is a national programme that facilitates partnerships between school and industry to help deliver the curriculum by using food as a context for learning. It helps teachers, pupils and parents better understand the food and drink manufacturing sector in Scotland, highlights the wide variety of careers on offer and explores the routes to access them.

A Future in Food is a collective approach that contributes to the future of Scotland's young people, the food and drink industry and the wider economy.

What's in it for YOU?


Involvement in the programme can benefit schools, teachers and pupils.

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Involvement in the Schools Programme can benefit industry partners and their staff.

Industry scenarios demonstrated to pupils by the SFDF Schools Programme

Some inspiring words from our school and industry participants

It's well better than school

Pupil, Chryston High School

Last reviewed: 31 May 2016