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Careers in the food and drink industry: A personal perspective

Environmental Data Planner - Stuart Simon, The Scottish Salmon Company

Stuart works for The Scottish Salmon Company who produce salmon from their farms across the West coast of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides. This is then sold in the UK and exported internationally to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other food businesses.
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Policy and Industry Liaison Manager - Cat Hay, SFDF

Cat works for the Scottish Food and Drink Federation keeping members informed of government decisions that affect their business and represent the views of members to government, the public and the media.
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Stud Groom - Mary Bowman, Country Sporting Estate, Royal Deeside

Mary works on a large sporting estate in Aberdeenshire, which manages the 65,000 acres of land in many different ways – including culling deer to control numbers, which are then carried off the hill by highland ponies.

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Farmer - Gill Lawrie, Self Employed

Gill comes from a family of farmers and has been working within the farming industry all of her life. As a farmer, her job is to produce food, either for human or animal consumption.
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Project Engineer - Sheena Ross, Devro

Sheena coordinates projects to help improve Devro's manufacturing process, aiming to make it more efficient and faster. This helps to increase the volume Devro manufactures therefore the amount of money the company makes.
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Trainee Food and Drink Consultant - Leah Fairlie, SAC Consulting

Leah works in a Food and Drink Consultancy team that work with food and drink businesses to help them grow. She works with various clients from individuals, companies and organisations to the Scottish Government.
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Project Engineer - Stephen Finnie, Baxters

Stephen is currently in his second year of a graduate programme working as a Project Engineer, which means he manages projects where the end result is an easier, quicker, less expensive or safer way to manufacture product.
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Farmer - Margaret-Anne Lawrie, Self Employed

Margaret-Anne works on the family farm, lectures about livestock production at the local college and also runs a sports event business.
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Multi-skilled Engineering Apprentice - Grant Sharp, General Mills

Grant is a Multi-skilled Engineering Apprentice which means he is being trained in all aspects of engineering. This could be from manufacturing new parts for a machine, understanding and controlling machines and even designing new machine techniques for the factory.
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Food Technologist - Katherine Wood, Baxters

Baxters produces ambient stable foods (things found in your kitchen cupboards), particularly soup and condiments (e.g. chutney, jam) and has many factories across the globe including America, Australia and Poland. Katherine is a Food Technologist working in product development.
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Managing Director - Wendy Pring CEng MICE, KCP Ltd

As Managing Director Wendy is responsible for supervising and monitoring all areas of work within the business to ensure that we do our work in a correct and safe manner.
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Environmental Manager - Patrick McGee, Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE)

In his 17 years working in the food and drink industry, Patrick has taken on a number of different roles in a variety of fields.
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Allocations Coordinator and Fieldsman - Adam Young, Agrico UK

You could say that Adam ended up in the food industry a little bit by chance. But after graduating with a degree in business studies, Adam is now an Allocations Coordinator and Fieldsman for Agrico UK which is a seed potato grower based in Tayside and owned by a farm co-operative based in the Netherlands.
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Engineer - Michael Young, Devro

Michael has just finished his four year apprenticeship with Devro, a world leading provider of manufactured casings for the food industry. Michael was first inspired to join the food industry after an engaging visit to Devro as part of his work experience.
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