Food and Drink Skills Ambassadors

The Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF) Skills Ambassadors Network is designed to inspire young people to join the sector by harnessing the skills, knowledge and expertise of people working within the food and drink sector.

Many young people are unaware of the wide variety of job opportunities available in the food and drink sector ranging from primary production through to the manufacture of produce and retail and there are still too many outdated perceptions of what it is like to work in.

To help address these issues SFDF set up the Food and Drink Skills Ambassadors Network, with funding from Skills Development Scotland, to dispel the outdated perceptions and inspire young people to think how exciting, innovative and diverse the sector can be.

The Food and Drink Skills Ambassadors Network is now funded by the Scottish Government.

On this page:

Becoming an Ambassador

By becoming an ambassador you will:

  • Bring the sector to life by using your everyday experiences to engage in careers events, class workshops, launching projects, judging competitions and engaging at public facing science fairs
  • Help young people understand how skills and qualifications in subjects such as the sciences, technology, maths, health & wellbeing, home economics, computing, design, IT and technology plus others are required for careers in food and drink
  • Challenge the myths about what it is like to work in the sector and show how a career in food and drink can be both rewarding and exciting, with lots of opportunities.

How it works

We would like to hear from anyone who is passionate about their work within the food and drink sector and would like encourage young people to consider food and drink as a career. This includes industry, public sector and academia (researchers, lecturers and students). Everyone has something valuable to offer in sharing their personal perspective of their own career journey.

If you become an ambassador you can decide the amount of time you spend on network activities, the age group you'd like to work with, the types of activities you would like to be involved with and the distance you are willing to travel.

Those who have helped out with activities in schools find there are many benefits such as:

  • Personal development of their planning and communication skills
  • Helping to understand their subject area better through presenting it to younger people who may have a different perspective
  • Getting to meet other people who are passionate about the sector
  • Having fun!

Whilst organisations raise their profile in their local community and the profile of the sector overall.

Get involved

Whether you are a food scientist, farmer, agronomist, finance director, engineer, marketer, or working in another role in the sector, you can join SFDF's Food and Drink Skills Ambassador Network.

If you would like to inspire young people to consider the food and drink sector for their career of choice please complete the sign up form here and return to We will then contact you to answer any questions and provide some opportunities for you to start getting involved.

Spread the message further

To enhance our network and spread the message even further we have developed a partnership with the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador Programme - our food and drink volunteers are also welcome to sign up as part of the STEM Ambassadors Programme to help expand engagement with schools and enable you to receive the addition benefits of:

  • Full insurance cover when participating in activities as a Food & Drink/STEM Ambassador
  • Free Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme check
  • Access to a wider network of STEM Ambassadors who engage in STEM activities and want to share their ideas, experiences and resources

For more information about the STEM Ambassadors Programme, including how to sign up, please read our guidance sheet.

Resources for Ambassadors

We have put together some materials for Ambassadors to use in part, or to stimulate ideas to design their own input for their individual activities.

More information

If you would like further information on the Network please email us at or call 0131 229 9415.

Last reviewed: 29 Apr 2016