Health and Wellbeing

The food and drink manufacturing industry in Scotland recognises its role in responding to societal concerns about the health of the nation, particularly in relation to obesity. We are committed to playing an active role in this debate.

Manufacturers have a reputation for demonstrating leadership in order to deliver results on diet and health. We have already delivered significant progress in areas such as:

  • front-of-pack nutrition labelling
  • workplace wellbeing
  • product reformulation to reduce levels of salt, sugar and saturated fat in our products.

Delivering Healthy Growth

Our report showcases a broad package of industry action; ranging from cutting edge processes that enable recipes to be changed to reduce salt, saturated fat and energy density, to workplace wellbeing schemes that work to improve the health of thousands of industry employees.

Work with Scottish Government Health

Making an active contribution to diet and health policy SFDF is currently working with the Scottish Government and other stakeholders to deliver progress on the Obesity Action Plan. SFDF is one of only two industry representatives on the Joint Obesity Group, the Ministerial Group that was set up to oversee and implement this initiative.

An Obesity Advisory Group has also been set up by SFDF. The Group comprises of influential figures from the food industry in Scotland with frontline experience help to inform, devise and shape SFDF's policy in this area.

SFDF's Reformulation Programme

The Obesity Advisory Group also informs the work of our Reformulation Programme which provides hands on, practical support to SMEs in Scotland to help them reformulate their products.

The Reformulation Programme is a free of charge service which aims to kick start the reformulation process by working with companies to:

  • identify opportunities within their current portfolio
  • extend their product range into healthier markets
  • apply creative thinking to maximise commercial opportunities.

FDF Health and Wellbeing Steering Group

As an organisation, we have direct involvement in the FDF Health and Wellbeing Steering Group. Its aim is to work constructively with Government, regulators and others to help find solutions to the complex issues at the heart of the diet and health challenge. Its current focus is on contributing to the Responsibility Deal.

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Last reviewed: 21 Feb 2014