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10 Steps to Export Success - A reference guide for food and drink businesses

Published September 2014 - first version published September 2013

FDF in collaboration with Defra have created this free online resource to help food and drink manufacturers with every step in their exporting journey.

View the 10 Steps to Export Success

Download: 10 Steps to Export Success guide - pdf | 700k

Ingredients for Success

Published June 2014

Food and drink manufacturing is a great British success story.

With the right partnership with Government we can build on our success to continue to improve our efficiency, productivity and overall contribution to the economy.

View Ingredients for Success - Agenda
Download the Ingredients for Success - Agenda - pdf | 260kb

FDF's Responsibility Deal Annual Update

Published May 2014

This report shows the work that FDF members have been undertaking to improve public health under the Coalition Government's Responsibility Deal, part of its long-term public health strategy.

View Public Health Responsibility Deal
Download the Responsibility Deal Annual Update - pdf | 325kb


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